"If You Hear the Safe Word..."

"If You Hear the Safe Word..."

CHOKE's Victor Mancini role-plays with a woman he presumably meets online -- below is a brief snippet from a scene in which she preps him for the role she wants him to play when he comes to her apartment:

"If you hear the safe word, stop what you're doing immediately. Do you have panty hose?"
He gives her a blank, confused look.
"For your head." She's clearly losing patience with him. "I need you to be a faceless attacker..."

With that said...

What kind of role-playing have you participated in?

Here are some other people's answers to that question which we gleaned from the Internets. Answers remain anon!

  • French maid (the accent's very important)
  • Artist -- and canvas (dressing your partner up, and if a woman,  applying makeup yourself)
  • A cop arresting your mate for "indecent exposure" (using handcuffs, a water gun, mirror sunglasses)
  • Bartender and (horny) customer
  • Headmistress and pupil
  • Boss and secretary
  • Photographer and model
  • Stripper and client
  • Cheating wife and "discplinarian" husband

Now It's Your Turn...
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