Meet the Real-Life Mr. Fox! Plus More Film News

Meet the Real-Life Mr. Fox! Plus the Latest Coverage of Wes Anderson's New Film...

FANTASTIC MR. FOX opens in select theatres this Friday, November 13th.


The Fourth Annual San Francisco International Animation Festival...

...will hold its Bay Area premiere November 12th - screening it twice that night, book-ending the festival's opening night party.

The Examiner Made a Case for Reading Dahl's Book to Your Kids:

Fantastic Mr. Fox was written by Roald Dahl in 1970, but its humor, charm and lessons are timeless. This is a fun read-aloud, full of surprises and lessons ... children are left guessing until the end. Treat your students, or children, to a great read and engaging standards based lessons – before the movie, starring the voices of George Clooney, Bill Murray, Meryl Streep and a host of other celebrities, is released on November 13, 2009."

BELOW: A new photo from FANTASTIC MR. FOX!

Read New York Magazine's "'Fox' and Friends"

Turns out that stop-motion animation and Wes Anderson were made for each other...

Wes Anderson uses stop-motion in his endlessly enchanting Roald Dahl adaptation Fantastic Mr. Fox, so his animal and human characters have a slight jerkiness; and instead of experiencing the smooth, computerized impersonality of most modern animated movies, you sense the presence of the artists behind the screen -- the life force. Featuring puppets instead of people, Anderson's frames have never felt so teeming, so magically alive."

Mario Batali Hosted a Party & Screening!

...of 'Fantastic Mr.Fox' at Tribeca Cinemas on Sunday to benefit the Mario Batali Foundation. Famous friends brought their adorable kids, including Helena Christensen and Tom Colicchio, whose baby is *ridiculously* adorable. Guests were treated to a live musical performance by Dan Zanes, former 80s rocker and current baby/parent music sensation."

BELOW: Mario Batali autographing a MR. FOX poster; the famous chef plays Rabbit in the film.

From Britain's Daily Mail:

Fantastic display, Mr Fox: Cub falls 12ft through the ceiling... and into shop window

Shoppers at a busy leather goods store couldn't believe their eyes when a fox fell through the ceiling and into the front window display. The startled animal dropped into the shop and fell 12 feet before landing on a pile of luggage. It is believed the fox, who is only a cub, crept into the suspended ceiling through the fan system, which is switched off at night. Startled consumers crowded around the front window as the fox nestled between some handbags and allowed itself to be petted...
Mother-of-three Ruth phoned the Secret World Wildlife Sanctuary in nearby Highbridge, Somerset, after the fox fell into her store at around 1PM on Monday.

[Wildlife Sanctuary] Secret World founder Pauline Kidner, who is now caring for the animal, said he was 'very lucky' not to have been seriously injured in the fall. She said, 'He was certainly suffering from a concussion when he came in - he was very disoriented and quiet. He was lucky that he had a soft landing on some bags when he fell... He's doing well now. We're hoping to release him on Sunday in the middle of the night.'
'We've been calling him Fantastic Mr Fox.'"

BELOW: The fox on the store shelf where it settled, to the shock of passers-by

BELOW: The storefront where the "Fantastic Mr. Fox" made his surprise visit

Read's "Achieving the Look of 'Fantastic Mr. Fox'":

Even among animated films, Fantastic Mr. Fox looks unique. In a field dominated by computer generated animation, Wes Anderson's new film stands apart even from other stop-motion movies.

Anderson began creating this unique look long before a single set was built, or an anthropomorphic fox was posed in front of a camera.

'We started by developing a color theory for the film,' explains Nelson Lowery, the film's production designer, 'It was a limited color palate, quite unusual for an animated film. There was no blue or green. [It was mostly] autumnal colors.'"

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