ANOTHER EARTH to be screened at the World Science Festival

In ANOTHER EARTH, Brit Marling plays Rhoda, a young student at MIT while a duplicate Earth is discovered behind our sun. One of the coolest parts of the film is that it brings up a lot of questions about space, time, and the cosmos, some of which will possibly be answered when we screen the movie at this year's World Science Festival with Brit and director Mike Cahill, and special guest speaker Brian Greene!

Brian Greene is a Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University, and is pretty much the leading voice on superstring theory, which we won't even go into explaining here (that's what Wikipedia is for, after all), but suffice to say that hearing him talk about ANOTHER EARTH is an experience you won't want to pass up. The screening is happening at the Museum of the Moving Image on June 3rd, at 8PM. Get your tickets here.

Here is the trailer for ANOTHER EARTH:

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