Join us every Thursday with the SOUND OF MY VOICE

...and watch the first 12 minutes of the film, if you haven't already!

In SOUND OF MY VOICE, documentary filmmakers Peter and Lorna go undercover to divulge the inner machinations of a cult supposedly led by a woman from the future. What they don't know is that there's a real cult that convenes every week at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in LA, and they've been sending us creepy videos. Like this one:

We've been meeting them every Thursday at 7pm. You can find more info on the meetings here, and by all means, come join us. All-white attire optional.

Also, a few weeks ago we released the first 12 minutes of SOUND OF MY VOICE, complete with interactive interface and hidden Easter eggs pertaining to the film. Check it out below, and make sure to add it to your various social media platforms!

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