One Hour Photo

There's nothing more dangerous than a familiar face.

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Sy Parrish (Robin Williams), a clerk at a discount store photo counter, becomes obsessed with the family of one of his customers. He moves from being a lonely man infatuated with what seems like a happy family to a stalker with a crazed agenda

The casual shopper stocking up at the local Savmart may not pay much attention to the man at the photo counter. They may, in fact, not even see him. He is a fixture. Nina Yorkin notices though. She greets him with a smile and leaves him with - trusts him with - the precious moments of her family's life. Sy has seen the loving embraces Nina shares with her husband Will. He has witnessed every family holiday and vacation. He has watched their son Jakob, aka Jake, grow from infancy into a nine-year-old boy. Photo development is a responsibility Sy Parrish takes very seriously. He does not just mechanically thread negatives into a slot and print pictures. He does his job carefully, meticulously, taking care to see that each frame properly represents a moment in time. A person's life, after all, in its simplest terms is nothing more than moments strung together from the second of birth to that final instant when the last breath is drawn. If those moments, all so fleeting, should be preserved, they become memories to be cherished; the more memories, the more important the life. Sy Parrish treasures these moments more than most people do. Sy cherishes these moments even more than the people who live them. If anything, or anyone, should disrupt or interfere with Sy's perception of the picture-perfect family, a family he feels so very much a part of, then he too feels the intrusion. Just as he takes responsibility for preserving the perfect moments, he feels obligated to correct the imperfect ones...

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